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Past workshops and ongoing course syllabus.

PLB computation
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Digital protocols have an unparallel evolution in relationship to its physical equivalent inside the design realm. Data visualization structures concluded the need for comprehending human settling and behavioral processes in the realm of urban metamorphosis.


Neurodiversity: Building Community and Rethinking the Built Environment

Please join us for the symposium titled Neurodiversity: Building Community and Rethinking the Built Environment; An online, 4-day, cross-disciplinary event of critical interactions addressing all-inclusive ways... Register HERE!


The aim is to dream impossible scenes subject to time framing. Projects question time/space in its early stage of conception. Designing with this ovular mentality is to establish links between design, body and mind. Furthermore, analytical dismantling of a design requires motion picture constructions.

Synesthetic Research and Design Lab

The Synesthetic Research and Design Lab, at the College of Architecture and Built Environment, Thomas Jefferson University serves as a collaborative research and prototyping platform.


We share a common taste for research into innovation, experimentation in the field of non-conventional media at the service of representing architectural and artistic design even as we creatively evolve pre-existing representations.



Since 2010 plb is academically active in several schools and institutions in New York as an extension to the office’s study projects through courses and research on architecture typology, urbanism, interior architecture, and criticism.


Organized by Severino Alfonso, Loukia Tsafoulia, & Dr. Wendy Ross


Simulations of evolution are classified as search algorithms in computer science; they have become the latest find-forming device.

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Fabula & Syuzhet

Architectural Projects

PLB presents its architectural explorations as a continuous process throughout the office time line in order to understand the variations in our thoughts and therefore assimilate the influences introduced by the various professionals we have been committed to during the office existence. We have become increasingly concerned with the bias towards aesthetics in building design, and the suppression of an urban discourse in the way buildings are conceived, taught and critiqued.   

The office portfolio includes a wide array of projects, ranging from very small low-budget private houses, preservation projects, and new typologies for collective social housing to super-multifunctional cultural buildings or hybrid complexes.

PLB House "Los Castillejos"

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