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Joaquín Torres García: un mundo construido

2002 // Fundación ICO, Madrid, Spain // 

interior design - exhibition // constructed

Exhibition Designed for Ángel Fernández Alba




The retrospective exhibition Joaquín Torres -García : A World Built that the Museum Collections ICO houses  from October 22, 2002 to January 6, 2003 provides a complete overview of the work of this vanguard artist.

It is composed by more than 200 pieces including paintings, sculptures, drawings , toys, books , manuscripts and documents from private collections and a number of important Spanish and foreign museums (Centro Reina Sofia, Thyssen , MACBA, Centre Pompidou Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris , Torres García Museum of Montevideo, etc ).

Through the exhibition we can see the long artistic and vital journey of Torres-Garcia, one of the leading figures of Catalan nuocentismo , trend end of the century that opposes the Art Nouveau and claims an idealized and allegorical realism. Later, the artist becomes one of the founding members of the group Cercle et Carré union leading the international trends of abstract art.

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