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PLB Think Tank
Think Tank
Related to all architecture theory and research done by plb studio in and out of the academic realm

HAL-9000  /  2001 A Space Odyssey




We have become increasingly concerned with the bias towards aesthetics in building design, and the suppression of an urban discourse in the way buildings are conceived, taught and critiqued. The line of research takes place in multiple directions with two points in common:


1.  The city is analyzed with tweaked eyes. Our eyes imagine the impossible in the blurring of the physical existing city limits towards a real cultural and social revolution acquired by connecting parts of the city that have never been connected before. But, how? The answer is in the new media that allows for a new digital umbrella targeting all human beings. This homogenous informational scope proposes different times, speeds, group rhythms and multi-existences while forwarding a new radical understanding of urban realities.


2.  The Network dream. Shall we invent a new term to represent the expectations of people in this new globalized world? Could a new understanding of life quality and happiness for all be achieved only through ideas emerging from the net-world? 

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