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PLB Epidermic



2014 // Downtown Salt Lake City, UT, US // masterplan - urban preservation // competition




How do you respect a city’s expression, while completely transforming its identity?

The answer is Urban MakeUp. Big changes start with transformed external appearances. A sophisticated façade configuration and an extravagant character are missing ...

PLB de.part



2013 // Downtown Detroit, MI, US // 

masterplan - urban preservation // study




The new Hart Plaza is conceived as the compilation of three independent urban strategies serving a collage-city inside the limits of the Detroit downtown. Each strategy examines a mythical conception found in the specificities of the site, which in their multiple ...

PLB urban trail

Urban Trail


2012 // Nasville, TN, US // 

landscape masterplan // study




We don’t understand urbanity of a city; we rather adopt the term -urbanization-.

We don’t understand urbanity of a city; we rather adopt the term -urbanization- in regards to its temporality and malleability, being a continuous metamorphic process of variations ...

PLB no standards!

No Standards!


2011 // UN Building, Neew York City, NY, US // 

masterplan - urban preservation // study




The project reads the microclimate values of the 42nd street in general and the UN plaza in particular in favor of its architectonic conditions. Different flexible envelopes embrace new urban programs that benefit from these conditions. It searches for...

La Latina Mall


2011 // Madrid, Spain // 

masterplan - mix use building // competition




At its base, the complex disintegrates to allow permeability of the gap between its parts; the recognizable space is the negative of target volume. At higher levels, it is the building that occupies the space, the volume comes from the program, is created from the inside ...

PLB Reformations Proposal in Rizoupolis

Reformations Proposal in Rizoupolis


2011 // Perissos, Athens, Greece // 

masterplan // study




The project deals with great-scale interventions in the urban tissue. The design goal is the incorporation of new land uses in the study area. in this context, a wide reformation of the functional and morphological elements that constitute the present character ...

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