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PLB Philosophy

PLB Studio is interested in the digital realm of design and theory. What is / will be the outcome of a society that thinks and creates mainly through digital means? Advocating that we only exist as members of a digital network we ultimately entail a conversation that defeats conventional time and space organization. PLB’s work depends integrally on the operation of digital processes and has poetic qualities and meaningful form.


PLB Studio was founded in New York by two enthusiastic young international architects - Severino Alfonso and Loukia Tsafoulia - who have seen the potential for a multidisciplinary platform that moves in-between the physical and the digital; Two realms that meet each other through the use of advanced Computation and Fabrication technologies.


PLB sketches ideas, manifests theories, diagrams concepts to ultimately elaborate designs and representations.


PLB offers services based on an extensive experience in the realm of advanced digital creations in the fields of Architecture, Design and Social Media.


PLB collaborates with other design companies and individuals to develop cutting edge projects.


PLB participates in international competitions as a way to generate methodologies and to question pre established design boundaries.


PLB is academically active in several schools and institutions in New York as an extension to the office’s projects, through courses, research and criticism on Urbanism, Architecture and Interior Design.    


We are creators always in search for collaborations that look for innovation and desire to push the boundaries of our discipline and its multiple extensions. We are excited to challenge the unknown and develop further pre conceived ideas. 

Our services


Interior Design






Digital Fabrication

BIM Technologies

PLB principals

PLB collaborators

Urban Artist

Structural Consultant

Urban Designer, GIS



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