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On Digital Deformation


def.:a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means (Oxford Dictionary).

There are many points of new discernment in a digital deformation protocol. These points signify a moment throughout the creative process where we elucidate an opening chance for future unique operations embedded in the overall process itself (applied to life: our existence would be the broadest process of all). From a time frame perspective they are also understood as points of no return. This happens when the deformation level applied to the model reaches a momentum where we don’t identify the origin point anymore and becomes (linearly speaking) a new model. If exponentially surpassed the point of no return, the results ultimately uniform their morphological characteristics independently of the original model (we deal after all with digital representations with different polygon configuration). Knowing the logic behind the points of new discernment is similar in any other intellectual process: the most important event in the creation of a process is the ability to recognize the ending point or if there is one at all. In other words recognize the moment of lucidity and understand deviation between processes set by new properties and rules. At this critical point, an aura of singularity surrounds the thinker and the craftsman at once. It is clearly distinguishable since our perceptual capacity and orientation is affected in ways not previously assimilated. As we transform a digital representation we perceive how our memory link with the original model relaxes, weakens or is forgotten. It defeats order in the realm of perception. Operations happen in two realms simultaneously; in the performative realm of casual progress and in the decisive scope of targeted intentions.

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