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Project Intersection

Project Intersection plays with projections of intersections in the city of all the New York by paring them in an endless history of relationships. The pairs are connected to a centered vertical line composing the whole as a mirror of impossible reflections or if you like it better as an invented new urban corner that exists in the city but that nobody has yet seen (until now of course). It establishes a de-contextualize connection of physical and social tissues within a city. Different moments, same corners; different corners, same moments; a space-time game with the spectator closing the cycle as he becomes the third and main component in the social ramification.

The final aim is to implement it as an ever-growing global network identity. The project entails broader relationships with modern “World = City” notion. The only way to expose this paradigmatic idea is by reorganizing the parts of different cities and combine them randomly similar to human’s associative thinking process. What is interesting is that the comparison arrives only from putting both scenarios together.

Internet presents a similar point of view on the topic. A person may have 5 browser windows open simultaneously with videos, pictures or texts on multiple subjects from many destinations. We are capable of organizing all that information in our heads, although the importance of organizing data is seriously altered when we have such complex set of values.

Project Intersection

The Network Dream should complete the task of eliminating frontiers in the world. People are represented in the network more by their creation characteristics than by where they have created them. The “places” are being liquefied and unified around the network globe becoming only one. Two simple examples are Wikileaks exposing information to overcome “injustice” in remote countries immerse in war conflicts (no place without justice) or Google imposing network policies in China’s government (no country without freedom of speech).

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