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On WikiLeaks

The web page WikiLeaks works as a journalist group that searches for information coming mainly from Whistleblowing (1) web sites.

The most extensive disclosure of secret Pentagon documents has happened under Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks two weeks ago. In this occasion the documents revealed specific information on the Iraq war. This web page has also released secret documents concerning the Afghanistan war or details on countries with an unsettled political situation. While moving away from WikiLeaks founder’s personal issues the most important idea comes from understanding the role of WikiLeaks in today’s Network Culture. Also is more relevant to search for new concerns on modern dynamic journalism and how could the Network Dream be benefit from it to improve the global political scope. It is not interesting in this initial statement to declare whether the documents are expressing the “truth” precisely or not. Neither, if being so the world improves thanks to this “truth”. The Network Dream works in a virtual realm that happens to be perfectly transparent and fulfills a notion of power that is efficiently balanced. And strong Whistleblowing will make that happen. The Network Culture aims to automatically identify any political abnormality in order to settle a path for a global aftermath of “impossible to hide” situations. This does not mean that there will be no more lies thanks to the net, but yes, each lie will be immediately followed by lie detector web sites careless of region, political or cultural values and so on. There are two readings emerging therefore: 1. Established Powers will accomplish a transparent relationship with citizens around the world, or 2. Virtual information overwhelms the media and is mix in a way that nobody can decode objecting initial intentions by Whistleblowing philosophy. At this moment of inflection the Network is bursting with infinite different unfeasible information documents. Instead WikiLeaks tries to activate the statement number 1. Citizens around the globe shockingly discover facts that in other parts are considered a common condition. Let’s start shearing the problems of the world!


Also the definition of power is being rearranged. Governments of every condition will need to mediate with their own published reality in the net. The media will move much faster than their capacity to mitigate those facts, being force to consider a more transparent approach towards their fellow citizens. Another condition will be that the news media will overcome such an active and immediate respond to the news that it will interfere and mold the reader’s interest and awareness.

_ 1 "Whistleblowing" is a verbal and/or written communication, to a Person, Organization, or Activity, which is in the Public Sector (Government - local, state, or federal) or Private Sector (Business/Industry/Non-government), the purpose of such communication being to expose and/or inform upon, alleged wrongdoing (fraud, theft, etc.), or discrimination (race, religion, national origin, gender, etc.), or retaliation, or some other type adverse occurrence that violates a law, or a regulation, or a policy, or morals, or ethics, or decency, and especially those matters that endanger public health and/or public safety. Blowing-the-Whistle

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