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PLB Happening Space



This course introduces students to architecture, the design process, and visual culture (fine arts, installation, performing arts, urbanism etc.) with New York City as the laboratory for exploration. The focus will be on analysis and invention. Projects aim to push students to broaden conceptual thinking about space, to relearn to see and understand the environment, and to learn the skills by which a conceptual thought is manifested three-dimensionally in materials, and documented in drawing.


Happening / n.

1.   Something that takes place. See Synonyms at occurrence.

2.   An improvised, often spontaneous spectacle or performance, especially one involving audience participation.

NY / Happening Space
Severino Alfonso Dunn

Barnard + Columbia Architecture / Department of Architecture / ARCH V1020 / Introduction to Architectural Design and Visual Culture


1. Body  2. Inside the scene  3. Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch  4. Sequences Diagrams for Alexander Nevsky / Sergei Eisenstein  5. Radio City Music Hall Spectacular

6. Le procès / Orson Welles  7. Rockefeller Center I  8. Rockefeller Center II / Negative Space  9. Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis / Walter Ruttmann

Coming soon...

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