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PLB The Interior Space of the Glove (KAPH: Ann Hamilton)

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  SUMMER 2013    Constanza Andrea Cocco Pascual, Caroline Costa, Christina M. Croll, Kelsey Davis, Marie Gabrielle Dee, Casilda Guzman, Jenny Hunt, Anushae Hussain,

Zhili Li, Noor Fahad H Murad, Didar Okutur, Madhavy Raj, Yiran Shan, Yier Zhou

The Interior Space of the Glove

Madeline Schwartzman (course coordinator) + Severino Alfonso Dunn

Parsons  The New School for Design / Summer Intensive Studies: New York / PNNY 0317 Interior Design Studio

KAPH - Ann Hamilton




This project aims to introduce the students to design and the making of interior space and architecture, including: materials and structure, upholstery and details, hard and soft. To introduce three-dimensional making and the capturing of space we will begin with an exploration of one of the most fascinating articles of clothing in the pantheon of wearables: the glove. He glove is a skin, a container of space, a receptacle, an interior room. It can be found, often, in medias res: half on, half peeled off, in a state of transition.

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