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Residence in Chaidari

2007 // Chaidari, Athens, Greece // house // study




The project is the design of a small scale residence for a four membered family, with an extra space that serves as a working area. The project’s goal is the successful combination of the functional and the morphological factors for the creation of a dwelling that will cover best its users needs.


It is proposed the division of the residence in three volumes. In the ground floor the two parallel volumes house the communal functions of the residence, on the one hand, and the working space with the auxiliary functions of the dwelling in two distinct levels, on the other. The second floor, that houses the bedrooms, unites the lower volumes, establishing a smooth indirect connection between the core of the house and the working area. The volumes’ spatial arrangement takes into account the ground inclination and divides the outdoor space in two areas with different privacy factors.The residence refers both to the road and to its own private yard, offering a variety

of outdoor qualities and a dialog between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Considering the house not only as shelter for its residents but also as a cell that forms part of

the city, special attention is given to its integration to its immediate environment. The satisfaction of the needs of the inhabitants and the creation of a building that can house successfully the contemporary way of life constitute the main priority of this project.

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