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Housing Complex in Nea Makri

2007 // Nea Makri, Athens, Greece // residential - housing complex // study




The project’s scope is the integration of a residence unit into a wider complex, focusing on the relation between design principles and modes of life.


Keeping in mind the relation between builtunbuilt, private-public, building-road, it is proposed that the complex volumes are arranged around a central atrium. All 4 residences refer to this atrium that serves as the nodal point of the complex, offering not only visual contact between the houses but also a key meeting place for the residents and passing by neighbours. 


The integration of the existing small scale building is succeeded by the division of the volumes. The complex’ morphology and specifically the diversity of its heights is designed so that it interacts with its immediate environment; an environment so multiform and complex that can be found only in the unique reality of the outskirts of Athens’ wider area.

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