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The Indeterminable Architecture

2010 // Central Park, New York City, NY, US // public building // study




a fairly conceptual and open ended studio about the weather - in which I tried to use one of the last “unpredictable and instable systems” as a frame of reference to explore architecture’s potential. The studio used the typology of the skyscraper as the enabler of the contemporary sublime. It was an effort of exploring the struggle of mankind with forces beyond its power and reason.


The site is central park and more specifically the part in between the west side residential area and the big reservoir. Having as a starting point the artificiality of the park, I am interested in the transition from the artificial character of the city’s Layer to the semi-artificial condition of central park to end up to the element of the water which I introduce as the main compositional tool of my proposal. 


The video produced is a water route through space and time describing different spatial qualities inside the skyscraper but also implying the sequence of time through different architectural periods in order to comment on the skyscraper and express the uncanny feeling of the contemporary architect to deal with the contradictions

between our given techno-social paradigms and the informational network.

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