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Pomum Wine Cellar

2009 // Seattle, WA, US // industrial building - wine cellar // study




The building sits on the ground respectfully while highlighting the manifested terrain slope with trails and external agencies encouraging to tour the building and enter the winery. The spaces of the winery have different hygrothermic characteristics and respond to an uninterrupted linear path required for winemaking: Receipt of grapes, pressing, fermentation, aging and delivering. The project has three clearly defined volumes connected to each other taking advantage of the existing slope in the plot to create the circulations owned by a winery. The fermenter and storage tanks are located in a cylinder with diameter of 30m and 9m high. For reception of grapes is projected around an enclosed courtyard with covered rooms for loading vehicles. It has a pillar at its center that serves as basis for a rotating bridge crane that allows mechanical movement of the pressed grapes to the fermentation tanks. The vinification unit communicates directly with the aging pavilion. The wine is partially buried in a rectangular enclosure that has three naves of 333m x 333m and 333m high. Inside this space there is a suspended walkway that allows visitors to see the nave while venturing to the tasting room without interfering with the day work in the cellar. Finally, another small annex building is located to the west of the site for offices, tasting and sales activities in the upper level and the bottling and shipping in the lower.

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