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2013 // no specific location // urban furniture // study




​ndome is a space age transparent dome. It uses the deformed dome as the main inspirational model.


Glass dome
It is made of tempered insulated glass. It is constructed as an igloo in regards to its compression forces and includes a detail module at each panel vertex connecting each panel and solving tension forces. These connectors include a light source (inserted LED); a small air opening minimizing horizontal forces from the wind and a structural detail for panel connectivity. There are two glass qualities in the dome separated by a LED light line crossing the entire dome. Each glass quality is defined depending on shelter orientation to protect the interior from direct sun light ultraviolet rays. The glass dome rests on a detail hidden by the metal seat and base.

Seating and base extrusion
These components are made of molded casted aluminum parts. They hide the structural detail connecting the glass dome to the ground structural base. It is a light material and easy to clean and replace after long use.

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