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2008 // Guadalajara, Spain // religious building // competition




The competition for the construction of a new parish church in the vicinity of Los Hueros in Guadalajara, offers an opportunity to make a building following highly modernized architectonic concepts while recovering a traditional reading of the Christian liturgy. Thus the original building is proposed, novel and functional combined with respect for the architectural and traditional ecclesiastical structure centered on a thorough understanding of Christian symbolism. The building is generated from the relationship between architectural vision of the Fish and Water, symbols so characteristic in Christianity.

Among the symbols used by Christians, the fish is of paramount importance. It arises from the acrostic consisting of the initials of five Greek words forming the word FISH (Ichthys), which describes briefly but clearly the character of Christ and its mandate to believers: Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter, ie Jesus Christ , Son of God, Savior. On the other hand, water is a symbol of salvation wrought by God throughout the centuries, and coming to a climax in Jesus Christ. These two principles inspired at all times the essential concept of the basic features of the building.

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