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2008 // Gipuzkoa, Spain // educational building // competition

w/ Sergio Rufo




Transform without rebuilding. Operating with the magic of the real architecture. Giving up covering. Modeling with light this postmodern hyper-realism to reach a new coherent paradigmatic object. Colors and brightness constant in regards with the absolute materiality of a program that is already built. ¨ In the certain of the double skin limitations occur and in the complexity of the certain is where creations are found¨. Under this premise we build our proposed architecture. The solution is as simple and friendly as transformative. A new holographic façade covering the existing brings back to an anonymous and characterless building its independents. Drawing the perspective of a parallelepiped 64x32x18 is simple. Drawing the resulting visual output per face is more complex: reflections, glows, transparencies, opacities, colors and tones. It would be entirely different from day to night. What if you also by just moving your position all these conditions changed. Simple but complex.

The color must come off our clothes and furniture to enter the urban environment. From the outside a colorful building has good health, steady hand, transmits power, we are activated. Inside: concentration, hard work and attention.

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