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2011 // New York City, NY, US // public building - exhibition - interior design // study






At the centre of my ironic faith, is the Gaussian image: the image lost in ambiguous space. The Gaussian hypothesis is the concept of a distorted materiality through heating. The hypothesis creates ‘watery’ spatial qualities, a cloud of ambiguities. The scenario proposes a suspended transparent maze, creating a spatial recorder of the diaphanous.

Two different but in- separate systems are the spatial constraints. A series of polyester panels are firstly deformed through the melting technique; creating cavities and lumps and then suspended from the ceiling. A second ‘vile system’ enforces the ceiling suspension logic and acts as a gradient point cloud.

By allowing the body’s image to reach to the exterior facets (distorted due to optical phenomena related to the ‘water’ effect of the melted panel). sophistication to suffice for the entire assemblage- distortion-body-frame, which without the exhibited product and the body presence would sit as a mere container.

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