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Enter the Void

2011 // New York City, NY, US // public building - exhibition - interior design // study






The void of today is the cave of our ancestral. The concept involves the creation of a scenario where different acts take place simultaneously. The hypothesis is an ongoing event in itself, that incorporates the viewer: Each cavity is a different scene; each cup provides seating, the visitor inserted his private obsessions into public situations. The project is initiated from spherical volumes which are reminiscent of feminine figure. Secondary elements, metal hangers, are bent and hooked to each other to create a non-uniform texture. 

The idea rests on constructing a cave through a protocol of aggregation. We will insert in the existing space 8 different stuffed spherical volumes. The designer in collaboration with the architect will defined each volume for specific needs through easy computer 3D software modifications to the volume. A close collaboration that will take approximately 2 months until each art piece is perfectly allocated. These volumes enhance the qualities of the cave that we are more interested in exploiting for exhibition proposes. In the negative space left between the void and the existing space we perform the aggregation section by section from far in and outwards until we reach the door and window in the main façade. After completing the process we extract the stuffing from the voids one by one in the opposite direction. The modules inserted are chrome hangers indeed. We first bend them one by one and then we insert them by gravity. The specific shape of the hangers allows for the modules to interlock, connect and rest between each other forming the massive thick walls. In the top of the main domes we poor silicone serving as glue that structures the dome. Also in specific points some particular designs, art pieces or extra materials would be place mix with the hangers. The result is a gaseous and atmospheric space with a particular depth of field that makes the space a constant refuge for cave experiences. The particular designs displayed will be either hanging from the “cave” ceiling or against the treated walls, always maintaining a separation. The new niches are intended to serve for the specific collection.

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