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Chapel G

2010 // New York City, NY, US // movile chapel - prefabricated prototype // competition




The scenario involves a ‘cloud’ / a roof under which event, commitment and sensuality merge. The chapel case02 is a portable space, easily assembled and disassembled, able to celebrate its important meaning everywhere and to establish a fiesta. Its extrovert spatial qualities give space to the event, to the protagonists; it is a space naked from any restrictive, superficial seriousness, from any borders. No walls are needed. Openness, transparency, colors are the spatial constructs inspired always by the characters involved.

A big nebula of candy-coloured constellations is the structure. In terms of materiality, the ‘cloud’ is formed by gap filler applied on a plywood surface and after generated with small silicone, clay and acrylic particles. The juxtaposition of varying textures and forms bring to mind fairy floss and candy objects, suggesting a playful spirit. Three transparent tubes hold the big enough to host the amount of people needed ‘cloud’. Each of these tubes has a different thematic: The Flower, the Wish and the Cake are the three event cliches that although already received and outdated are still necessary for a marriage event. The misreading of those three cliches is what chapel case02 proposes as the builded manifesto that New Yorkers choose to celebrate marriage equality. The chapel case02 proposes a dreamy, imaginary, fictional approach to an exterior chapel space. Our hypothesis is focused on the production of an illusionary architecture, full of natural odor, taste, and touch that moves.

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