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2012 // Fashion Design // 3d Printed Artwork

w/ Eva Poulopoulou & Eleftheria Xanthouli




The model chosen to be constructed is a piece of garment that was envisioned to incorporate two mechanisms; a vertebrae system of articulation and an inflatable system of expansion or contraction. Since the object is to be exhibited, the process of its design is open to feedback that will be gained throughout the discussion and the comments of its viewers. But it is in the intention of its designers not to cease the forming of the object at the point of its current actualization. The comments will provide an update to its design. The corset will attempt to reconstruct its body in order to actualize multiple other possibilities that were on the table of its conceptualizing. The object will become a mean of negotiation where all the possible suggestions will attempt to be actualized in multiple fore coming forms designed collectively.


The corset is an attempt to turn a simple piece of clothing into a fashion/art object. There is a sensible effort to re-interpret the function the materiality and the very structure of it.The object enters into a machinic assemblage with the human body. It extends thus beyond any earlier distinction between the mechanical and the organic and includes both domains. There is a dual relation between the body and the object. The body forms and deforms and the object captures those deformations. In such an epidemic system where the boundaries between human and object are transgressed we are talking about a new type of body/machine/coexistence (Camouflage, Neil Leach).

Conceptually we started from the Deleuzean body without organs corps-sans-organs that refers to the body of the energies and becomings of the earth. The deterritorialized body is the body of Duchamp 's naked body in Nude Descending the staircase; a body that is captivated through a nebula of movement. The conception of this blurriness and fluidity is the driving force of the design of our model.

Regarding the actual design project we first modeled a plot using a random 3d human body and came up with the concept of a rigid re-configurable fabric and the modifiable mechanical verterbrae holding the object together on the back. Then we used an existing corset pattern which we modified to create our objects particular shape and re-modeled our parts after the new pattern.

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