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PLB Introduction to Fabrication & Visualization

A d d i t i v e      &      S u b s t r a c t i v e      P r o t o t y p i n g 

V i s u a l i z a t i o n      &      D i a g r a m m i n g

Introduction to Fabrication & Visualization

Loukia Tsafoulia

CUNY / New York City College of Technology / Architectural  Technology _ ARCH 1291_Visual Studies II Unlinked



This course focuses particularly on: precise crafting of physical and analogue models and architectural presentations, analogue and digital rendering techniques, and representation of geospatial information. The use of Advanced digital prototyping technologies such as 3dPrinting and LaserCutting opens a dialogue on complexity and comprehension in the digital sphere as well as pushes the research on material behavior and inherent geometry tectonics. The course strengthens students' skills in the realm of fabrication but also visually, verbally and graphically so they may demonstrate their fluency in and understanding of key design vocabulary, concepts, and visual techniques.



  FALL 2012  ​​​​  Kabir Shohel, Vicente Gorgonio, Lipo Lin, Abhinash Vishnudat, Ekaterina Sigal, Kamilia Komal Ricky Gee, Santiago Cortes, Ori Dona, Harold Morales, Elli Zigenis, Liyuwork Ayalein, Sterlin Adames, Mohamed Ahmed, Pena Edwin, Talia Ordonez.


  SPRING 2013    Mesha Edwards, Cintia Nascimento, Tomasz Piasecki, Alondra Ramos, Albert Rwamihigo, Gavin Spooner, Jennifer Valerio, Syndi Wilkinson, Hongwei Zhang 

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