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PLB Building Technology III



This course studies the development of building systems as they occur during the design development phase of architecture. Using case study research methods, students analyze factors, such as building assemblies and systems, codes and government regulations, human ergonomics, and sustainability, which affect building construction and use. Their solutions to these issues are integrated into their final building design solutions. The student creates a series of reports and a set of construction drawings using both analog methods (hand sketching and drawing) and digital tools including traditional CAD software and Building Information Modeling techniques.

Building Technology III
Severino Alfonso Dunn

CUNY / New York City College of Technology / Architectural  Technology _ ARCH 2330 / Revit / Construction Documents 




  SPRING 2015  ​​​​ Felipe Arellano, Daniel Castillo, Caleb Charles, Shadeen Dixon, IzabelaGalazka, RobertoGuzman, ZiruLin, Caitlin Mcmanus, Hector Mercado, Javier Morelos, Asli Oney, Hakm Rabadi, Shameeka Reed, Jose Rafael Ruiz, Noriega, Nazmul Rumy, Heraldi Sadmojo, Shomari Sealy, Yennifer Suero Inoa, Marcos Villa, Qasim Waheed, Elvis Williams, Alan Xicohtencatl


  FALL 2015  ​​​​  William Bisono, Jia Du, Donna Enty, Anthony Flores, Youssef Hassan, Kennis Lawton, Alyssa Lewis, Deny Lopez, Yael Malaev, Palvi Manhas, Yacouba Nakanabo, Alvaro Nunez, Juan Rodriguez, Katarzyna Serowik, Daniel Singh, Karen Sonilal, Karla Sotelo

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