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Bustling Vacancy

Loukia Tsafoulia

CUNY / New York City College of Technology / Architectural  Technology _ ARCH 3609_elective seminar course




Motus | Mapping Building Elements Cartography | Behavioral Patterns


The project brings together the Urban and the Architectural scales through a series of data abstractions and the establishment of rules that will define the proposals. The students are asked to come up with a design dictionary of 4 main architectural elements that serves as their “alphabet” for space creation. At the same time, the class focuses on developing a visual language to discuss, collect, measure and quantify city behaviors/patterns. The students will respond to the literal and symbolic notion of “Motus” in the city, and create mappings, diagrams and data visualizations. The projects will ultimately be based on the cartography of the architectural elements in such a way that they relate to the city mapping analysis. 


The class we will not take data literally. It will rather depart from conventional definitions and ask what is the city, what is data, and how can they be re-applied in an architectural scale. The students are encouraged to think of new information types that present the idea of “Motus” in the city through the implementation of urban derived patterns thus producing a restless and poetic project. 

B u s t l i n g      V a c a n c y      P r o j e c t s      /      01    A l p h a b e t     _     A r c h i t e c t u r a l    E l e m e n t s    S t u d i e s

B u s t l i n g      V a c a n c y      P r o j e c t s      /      02    C i t y    D a t a    A n a l y s i s    &    S y n t a x   _     B e h a v i o r a l    P a t t e r n s    &    R u l e s    C r e a t i o n

B u s t l i n g      V a c a n c y      P r o j e c t s      /      03    C o m p o s i t i o n    _     S p a c e    C r e a t i o n

F i n a l      P r e s e n t a t i o n     /       S t u d e n t s      B o a r d s

P o r t f o l i o s      /      P r o c e s s    B o o k s

W o r k       E v o l u t i o n



  FALL 2013    Rene Alcon, Elvis Chatterpaul, Jean Delfino, Michael Dicarlo, Meisha Guild, Ana Matthews, Roderick Mighty, Harold Morales, Zakarya Samih, Zakiyyah Toval, Wingho Yeung, Hoi Yeung.


  SPRING 2014    Desiree Andrade, Danny Batista, Luis Brown, Heidi Cherubin, Genaro Cobar, Julian Garces, Kevin Kwong, Jason Sai Hung Ng, Hito Rodriguez, Yukhan Shimunov, Nita Velasquez, Joseph Wiebelhaus, Michelle Yang, Elli Zigenis


  FALL 2014    Sher Boota, Catherine Brito, Ori Dona, Gracy Dubon, Isaias Garcia, Edisson Garcia, Jose Gonzalez, Vicente Gorgonio, Matthew Ho, Baljinder Kaur, Reginald Marcellin, Larry Molina, Yuhui Ouyang, Alondra Ramos, Jennifer Valerio, Carolina Walters, Moniruz Zaman, Hongwei Zhang


  SPRING 2015    Marie-Odile Baretsky, Stevenson Fenelon, Jenny Garcia, Amadu Jalloh, Cindy Ocasio, Asli Oney, Juliana Pipola, Luis Ramirez, Margarita Salas, Shomari Sealy, Shenier Torres, Tatiana Zheludkova

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