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I have seen the light!

I heard a story… about afterlife in the net-world.

A friend of a friend passed away in an unexpected accident. He, as any other modern fellow, was a physical and a virtual person at the same time. Both persons did not necessarily correspond in space or time. Neither had they the same social or moral basis. They could even have entailed different life styles in their field of action. Probably the physical person had one identity with his relatives and close friends (a normal situation). On the other hand the virtual person multiplied his identities according to different net communities he was involved in. When he passed away only the virtual person was still active.

People contact him today in the network. His friends receive information regarding recent activities or check the latest photographs blinking in his social network. Automatic text messages, scripting codes or chatting responses endure the afterlife principle. Nobody intervenes in his active account in the network to erase his activity: that would be like assassinating his virtual existence. It is illegal and surely not ethical.

In the Network Dream, how we will be remembered is determined by our virtual creations. It is more than a legacy. It is your virtual self in the future. All actions taking place in the net will be visualized by our successors in the future. Everybody is writing their virtual diaries today without noticing that tomorrow those successors will have access to our complete life narration in vivid detail.

This is another fact reminding us about how young the network is in relation to our historical comprehension. The net is only a teenager experimenting freely around the virtual globe.

These two points are the starting point for a new religion. A new net-world undefined “master” is being created. The “master” comes from the original structures of the virtual network. We are indeed in a Network under g@d and its sacred texts are there for everyone to read and understand, although it is an infinitely growing document and is under constant modification. There are many prophets and anybody can become a prophet by simply optimizing a solution that helps physical people.

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