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PLB ReHousing Project Detail



Project ReHousing rethinks the historically stigmatized perception of the existing Public Housing Developments. The course proposes conceptual design alterations that pay special attention to the Construction Processes applied to the mentioned model.


Course Objectives  


Students will demonstrate an ability to make technically clear drawings and prepare models illustrating and identifying the assembly of materials, systems, and components appropriate for a building design.


The main outcomes for the students are three:

1. Organize forms of construction documentation, students employ current techniques of contract document production with Building Information Modeling (BIM). Working independently over the course of the semester, students will prepare a BIM database of a multiphase project (Existing Building Analysis, Demolition project and New Construction), to generate and edit construction drawings, assembly details, door / window schedules, etc.

2. Propose design alternatives to an urban and architectural legacy present in all contemporary urban models.

3. Understand construction in a studio base course that deals with multiple scales.

ReHousing Project Detail
Severino Alfonso Dunn

NYIT / New York Institute of Technology / School of Architecture and Design _ ARCH 340 / Revit / Construction Documents / Visual Studies


PLUS - Les grands ensembles de logements - Territoires d'exception

Druot, Lacaton & Vassal



  SPRING 2015  ​​​​  Coming soon...

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