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Exarchia Dance School

2007 // Athens, Greece // public building // study

w/ Dora Chatzi-Rodopoulou & Stavroula Koutroumpi




This is an annual project, produced by the cooperation of the departments of architecture of the departments of architectural composition and building technology, is the design of the greek choreodrama’s house”. In the first semester, emphasis is given to the urban integration of the dance school and the composition of the complex. In the second semester, a part of the complex is chosen, in order to be revised and further analysed from the architectural construction perspective.


The location of the construction, which is in Exarchia, a district in the heart of Athens, plays a crucial role in the formation of the criteria and the principles of the design process. Since the “greek choreodrama’ s house” has been conceived as a building complex with multiform functions and public character, it is ensured that the arrangement and the height of its volumes will contribute to the formation of a dialog with the surrounding buildings and voids. The building complex “opens up”

to the community, creating public paths while preserving the privacy of particular spaces. The complex is arranged around an atrium that is accessible not only from the interior of the buildings but also from the streets with the least volume of traffic. Regarding the morphology of the complex, it is partially influenced by the principles of deconstructivism. There is a tendency toward deformation and deslocation. The result is the combination of a strict three - dimensional frame, made of concrete and several cubes and rectangular boxes, that form spaces or voids in this gigantic scaffold. These boxes house the classrooms of the theoretical and practical dance course.

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